Welcome to Eternal Effects! We are a film company dedicated to producing excellent media that brings glory to God.

Film and visual media have the power to influence the only eternal things on this earth – people. Films can make people laugh, cry and open their hearts. They are memorable, enjoyable and wield one of the greatest hidden weapons of the past two centuries - mass communication and influence. Films can make people see, feel and understand truth that is transcendent of culture, race and century. This power to influence the thoughts and feelings of so many at once is precisely why films that convey good, honest and courageous messages are vitally needed to combat the overwhelming flood of falsehood and corrupt morals that most movies perpetuate.

The mission of Eternal Effects is to use the powerful form of media with respect and expertise to tell heroic stories, highlight critical issues, convey Biblical truth, and stimulate deep thoughts and lasting impressions that will forever affect the ones who see it. Long after we are gone and our work has been forgotten, if the messages and stories we tell have brought even one person closer to eternal life, we will have been successful.

Enjoy looking around the site!